October 2021


This is always such an exciting time of the year. When the peachicks hatch! This year the first hatch are a little later than usual. The weather plays an enormous part of when the peahens start laying and when the peachicks hatch. Our first chicks were some White split with Silver Pied. Every year I Continue reading The peachicks hatch

Alan TItchmarsh Love Your Weekend

This weekend Peacocks UK were featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love your Weekend. Alan Titchmarsh chatted with UK Peacock Expert, Sussanne Chambers about the different breeds of peacocks and the joys of keeping peacocks. Filming took place at Manor Farm in Hampshire. Nestled down a country lane the farm really is in an idyllic spot. On Continue reading Love Your Weekend Alan Titchmarsh talks to Sussanne Chambers from Peacocks UK