At Peacocks UK we try very hard to put our pet peacocks back into their pens at night. It really is the only way to keep them safe from foxes their only UK predator. One morning Nigel came into the kitchen and told me that one of the peacocks was out and loose on the farm. Knowing that I had put all the pets away the night before I was shocked. This meant that one of the peacocks had escaped from one of the pens.

We went outside together and there larger than life was a two year old peacock, stood proudly on the top of one of our peacock pens. Straight away we went to get a some bread to tempt him down and a net to catch him in.

We have an entrance area to the peacock pens which we can leave empty or use as a quarantine pen or a quiet pen for injured peacocks. So, we opened the door to this area in the hope that we could put him in there.

By the time we had got everything ready the peacock had flown down to the ground, perfect! Nigel walked him round towards the entrance and easily as anything he just walked in.

We caught the peacock easily!

Once he was safe inside the pen we caught him to examine him and check he was OK. Straight away we noticed the ring on his leg. It was not one of our rings and it had a telephone number on it. I called the number immediately, when I put the telephone number into my phone I was surprised to see one of our pervious peacock customers names come up. I called straight way and discovered that our customer had moved home and had re-homed the peacocks prior to moving. She did not have any contact details for the new owners. When we further examined the peacock we discovered it still had our identifying wing tag. It was one of our peacocks! How it had found its way back home is a mystery. The new owner that re-homed the peacock to our customers knowledge lived at least 100 miles away from the farm.

Within a couple of hours the peacock looked at home and as if it had never left!