Peacocks for Christmas presents! At this time of the year Santa puts on his red suit to deliver presents to all the good children. When Father Christmas was created, I am sure he never thought he would be delivering peacocks for Christmas presents! But what could be more exciting at Christmas time than getting new peafowl?

Every year around this time of the year we get a flurry of enquiries about peacocks for Christmas presents.  This year we have taken lots of orders for all breeds of peafowl as Christmas gifts. One lucky lady is getting a pair of rare Silver Pied Peafowl as a present from her loving husband.

Well it certainly makes a change from a getting dog for Christmas!

Are you going to be a responsible peacock owner?

peacocks for Christmas presentsIt is important that the new owners know how to look after the new peafowl. With gift peafowl we always check there is an adequate home prepared for them to live in. It is important to keep peafowl warm and dry during the winter months.  We ensure the new owners have already purchased the correct game food for the peafowl. We also check that the recipient of this unusual gift want a peacock!

Delivering Peacocks for Christmas presents

This year we will be delivering peafowl up to the 22nd of December. We have one gentleman who is collecting his peacocks early on Christmas Eve morning. What a fantastic surprise for his lucky family!

It is exciting packing the peafowl up ready for delivery. Especially if the peafowl is going to be a surprise Christmas gift for the recipient.

I don’t think the peacocks for Christmas presents will be wrapped up and put under the tree on Christmas morning. For some people however they are a once in a lifetime gift that really make Christmas special.