The breeding season for peahens, typically spanning from March/April to July/ August, is a critical period requiring attentive care and management to ensure their safety and health. Last year I received over sixty phone calls from peahen owners totally distraught that their peahen had been eaten or killed by a fox This email outlines essential Continue reading How to Care for Peahens During the Breeding Season: Ensuring Safety and Health.

Peacocks are truly nature’s living art, captivating us with their stunning and iridescent plumage. One of the most mesmerizing features of these magnificent birds is their elaborate and flamboyant tail, also known as a “train.” However, you may have noticed that peacocks shed their elaborate tails each year, leaving many of us wondering why this Continue reading Why Do Peacocks Lose Their Tails Each Year? Unravelling the Seasonal Phenomenon

IntroductionRaising peachicks can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavour for peafowl enthusiasts. However, to ensure the healthy development of these delicate birds, it is essential to provide proper care, including appropriate feeding and temperature control. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the different stages of raising peachicks, highlighting key considerations for feed and temperature Continue reading Raising Peachicks A Comprehensive Guide to Feed and Temperature Management

One of the most fascinating aspects of peacock breeding is the opportunity to hatch their eggs. However, successfully hatching peacock eggs requires careful attention to their unique incubation requirements. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps and provide valuable insights to maximize your chances of successfully hatching peacock eggs. Egg Collection Continue reading Successfully Hatching Peacock Eggs: A Professional Guide

Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers, scientifically known as train feathers or coverts, are highly specialised structures found in the tails of male peafowls. Composed of a series of elongated feathers, they play a crucial role in courtship displays, attracting mates through their dazzling appearance. Let’s now delve into the different types of peacock feathers, each possessing distinctive features. Continue reading Overview of Peacock Feathers

Silver Pied Peacocks

Silver pied peacocks are a stunning variety of peafowl that are highly sought after for their unique and eye-catching appearance. These birds are a beautiful combination of white, silver, and black feathers. This makes them stand out from other varieties of peafowl. One of the most striking features of silver pied peacocks is their distinctive Continue reading Silver Pied Peacocks

A Colour Mutation Unveiled in the USA and Its Journey to the UK Among the various colour variations observed in peafowl, the peach peacock stands out as a captivating mutation that has gained considerable attention. This article explores the fascinating evolution of the peach peacock, tracing its origins in the United States and the subsequent Continue reading The Evolution of the Peach Peacock