It has been an interesting season with hatchings from April and we will keep hatching peachicks this year until the end of September. The Peacock hatching season is just once a year. So we always try to make the most of it and do everything we can to improve hatchability. Most of the peahens have Continue reading The peacock hatching season

When we are planning the breeding season we always need to start early with the Java Peacocks. Breeding Java Peacocks is harder thn the other breeds. The Java as a breed are more flighty and easier to upset, they also take longer to settle into breeding groups. To ensure a successful breeding season we like Continue reading Breeding Java Peacocks

Can Peacocks Swim?

If you Google the question “Can peacocks swim?” The emphatic answer online is that no they cannot swim. In fact there are even bird forums online discussing the multiple reasons why peacocks cannot swim. The reasons given range from the fact that they do not physically have webbed feet. To suggestions that when their feathers Continue reading Can Peacocks Swim?

Every year at the end of the peafowl breeding season we clean all the incubators. This is important to improve the hatch rates of your next batch of eggs. After every hatching season, an egg incubator becomes a fertile and conducive breeding ground for different types of germs and bacteria. Additionally, if bacteria is allowed Continue reading How To Clean An Incubator

It is a well known fact that peacocks do not really like cold or damp weather! They certainly are not keen when it snows, as then it is both cold and damp. We have indoor space for all our peacocks. However not all the peacocks choose to use it when when it is really cold. Continue reading Cold Days For Peacocks