When do peacocks breed

Peacocks are one of the most iconic and majestic birds in the world. Peacocks also have a unique breeding behavior that sets them apart from other birds. Peacocks, also known as peafowl, typically breed during the spring and summer months. This can vary depending on their geographic location. In regions with milder climates, such as Continue reading When do peacocks breed


This is always such an exciting time of the year. When the peachicks hatch! This year the first hatch are a little later than usual. The weather plays an enormous part of when the peahens start laying and when the peachicks hatch. Our first chicks were some White split with Silver Pied. Every year I Continue reading The peachicks hatch

Alan TItchmarsh Love Your Weekend

This weekend Peacocks UK were featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love your Weekend. Alan Titchmarsh chatted with UK Peacock Expert, Sussanne Chambers about the different breeds of peacocks and the joys of keeping peacocks. Filming took place at Manor Farm in Hampshire. Nestled down a country lane the farm really is in an idyllic spot. On Continue reading Love Your Weekend Alan Titchmarsh talks to Sussanne Chambers from Peacocks UK

Indian Blue Peacock re-homed

At Peacocks UK we try very hard to put our pet peacocks back into their pens at night. It really is the only way to keep them safe from foxes their only UK predator. One morning Nigel came into the kitchen and told me that one of the peacocks was out and loose on the Continue reading A Peacock Comes Home

It has been an interesting season with hatchings from April and we will keep hatching peachicks this year until the end of September. The Peacock hatching season is just once a year. So we always try to make the most of it and do everything we can to improve hatchability. Most of the peahens have Continue reading The peacock hatching season

When we are planning the breeding season we always need to start early with the Java Peacocks. Breeding Java Peacocks is harder thn the other breeds. The Java as a breed are more flighty and easier to upset, they also take longer to settle into breeding groups. To ensure a successful breeding season we like Continue reading Breeding Java Peacocks

Can Peacocks Swim?

If you Google the question “Can peacocks swim?” The emphatic answer online is that no they cannot swim. In fact there are even bird forums online discussing the multiple reasons why peacocks cannot swim. The reasons given range from the fact that they do not physically have webbed feet. To suggestions that when their feathers Continue reading Can Peacocks Swim?