If you Google the question “Can peacocks swim?” The emphatic answer online is that no they cannot swim. In fact there are even bird forums online discussing the multiple reasons why peacocks cannot swim. The reasons given range from the fact that they do not physically have webbed feet. To suggestions that when their feathers become water-logged after a period in the water, they will then drown. Other comparisons were made online between the Bumble Bee and peacocks not having the correct anatomy to enable them to swim.

But is this fact or fiction?

In 2017 I was sent a video clip by one of my lovely customers which clearly showed one of the peacocks that we had supplied to her swimming. Now let’s be clear this is not a peacock that had fallen into the water and is distressed and potentially drowning. But a peacock that had actively chosen to go into the water with the other waterfowl and swim with them. The peacock could actively leave the water on the other side of the pond when it wanted to which was where its entry and exit point was situated. Have a look at this amazing white peacock swimming.

A Stunning Java Green Peacock swimming in a river

I did a little more research and discovered another amazing picture of a Java Green Peacock swimming in a river. This peacock was in full flight and then landed in the water. However instead of drowning and being dragged down by his feathers and til as has been suggested. The peacock started swimming.

Once again proving the point that peacocks actually can swim!