It is really important to take care of your peahens while they are sitting
on eggs. Usually, a peahen will eat all day as she chooses. However, while
sitting on eggs she may only move off the eggs a just couple of times a day.
During this time, peahens can really loose condition. While the peahen is
sitting, I prefer to place small treats within a short neck stretch for my
peahens. Giving them the option of snacking whenever they choose. Tasty treats
include cheese, mealworms, peanuts and sun flower hearts. However, just small
quantities of treats are all that is needed. This helps to prevent the peahen
from loosing too much weight and I believe helps the peahens to become better
mothers when the chicks hatch. As they are in better condition.

Two Peahens sharing a nest?

If you have two peahens laying in the same nest this can cause all kinds of
problems. The peahens will sometimes fight over the eggs. Eggs can get moved
from one hen to the other. Sometimes leaving the eggs out in the cold. If you
notice your peahens are laying in the same nest. You may ask how you would know

An easy way to tell is before they start sitting. A peahen lays an egg every
other day in the evening. So, if you are getting two eggs a day, or an egg
every day, two peahens are sharing the nest. Before the peahen starts sitting
try to separate the eggs by placing them into two smaller piles close to each
other, moving them slightly each day. Mark each egg in each pile with pencil,
with a different mark for each pile. So you know if the piles are being moved
back together.

Once one for the peahens starts sitting it is important to see how many eggs
she is sitting on and monitor if the other peahen is still laying in one nest.
If so the eggs would be developing at different times. The later developing
eggs would be deserted once the first peachicks hatch.

These eggs can be incubated or removed and discarded.

Indian Blue Peahen
Indian Blue Peahen