I always love Christmas, it is always a special and busy time of the year. A time where the peacocks cannot take second stage, just because we are busy.

I have to have some Peacock decorations around the house. Each year I add to my stock of Christmas tree decorations for my special themed peacock Christmas tree. Sometimes I am really lucky and a friend will see a peacock decoration and give one to me. A couple of years ago I got some safely delivered in the post from a lovely friend in Canada. The peacock Christmas tree is situated in my dining room so I get to look at it on Christmas Day while I am eating my Christmas lunch.

Getting deliveries ready

But before Christmas Day there is a lot of work to do on the peacock farm. First we need to work out the last date for delivering Christmas Peacocks. The most amazing Christmas present that some lucky people will receive this year. Once we have established the delivery date, we can plan our schedule. On the specified date we need to box up all the Christmas peacocks ready to be delivered as a wonderful Christmas gift.

Once these peacocks have been collected by the specialist bird delivery company, we then have people calling into the farm by appointment to collect their peacock presents. Often they visit as close to Christmas as possible.

Last year we were still having people collect their gifts on Christmas Eve!
Once the last peacocks have been collected for gifts. We can relax a little and we try to make Christmas Day an easy day by topping up feed and changing waters the evening before. But we always have to check all the peacocks are OK even on Christmas Day!

So here is to a wonderful festive season from all at Peacocks UK. If you would like to buy a peacock as a Christmas gift visit our Peacocks for Sale Page