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Our peafowl farm is situated in Central Worcestershire’s beautiful rural countryside.

We have many breeds of peafowl available for sale.  These include traditional Indian Blue Peacocks, Black Shoulldered Peacocks and White Peacocks. We also have some of the rare breeds of peacocks within the UK for sale. You are welcome to come and visit our beautiful peafowl.  We will happily show you around the peacock farm and chat about the different varieties of peacocks we breed, hatch and rear.

Visits to our peafowl farm are strictly by prior appointment. To make an appointment to visit please contact us on the details below.

Advice on peafowl

contact peacocks UKWe are experienced peafowl farmers and as a result we are happy to help with advice about keeping peacocks. If you have any questions about peafowl, breeding rearing and keeping peacocks. We have been keeping, rearing or breeding peafowl for many years. Speak to Sussanne Chambers, UK Peacock Expert for advice.

Peacocks for film and TV

Our peacock actors love to perform for the cameras and are available for photography, film and documentaries. Filming our peacocks can take place at our farm in Worcestershire or on set or location within the UK. All peacocks on set are accompanied by experienced peacock handlers. To film our peacock actors contact Sussanne Chambers UK Peacock Expert.

Peacocks available to film and photograph include traditional Indian Blue Peacocks, white Peacocks, Black Shouldered Peacocks and rare breeds such as Silver Pied, Burford Bronze, Purple, Opal and Cameo. Our peacocks have recently been photographed for National Geographic. Film credits include: Brigerton, Heart of Stone, Firebrand and Game of Thrones.Camera man filming at Peacocks UK

Peacock Expert Comment and Knowledge

If you need a UK peacock expert for your television, radio or other media channel: Sussanne Chambers is one of the foremost peacock experts within the UK. Sussanne (The Peacock Lady) is responsible for importing many of the new rare breeds of peacocks to the UK.

Sussanne was also the first to create an ethical breeding programme for the following new UK breeds. Opal Black Shouldered Peacocks, Purple Black Shouldered Peacocks, Purple Silver Pied Peacocks and Opal Silver Pied Peacocks.

Sussanne is media trained and available for comment across all media channels.Camera man videoing Peacocks for documentaries

Contact Peacocks UK

Call Sussanne, UK Peacock Expert on: 07711 119888

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