It was an exciting day when Countryfile Television programme called. I received a phone call from a BBC researcher asking me if I would be interested in the Peafowl farm being featured on Countryfile. Would we like to be featured on Countryfile, of course we would! I excitedly told my husband all about the opportunity and waited with excitement for more news. It was going to be the “Spring Special” programme which would be aired the third week of April.

Then we got the bad news, they needed to film on a day when my family were away out of the country on our Easter holiday. As a result we could not be filmed, I was gutted. I thought this was the end of the conversation, we simply could not fit into the ridged filming schedule. We had to miss out on the opportunity.

I had been so excited to have the opportunity for people in the UK to see the rare peafowl breeds that we have. At Peacocks UK we were fairly certain that the Opal peacocks, Purple peacocks, Burford Bronze peacocks and Silver Pied Peacocks had never been seen on UK television before. I thought that was the end of the conversation, but I was wrong.

But then there was good news!

A couple of weeks later while I was on holiday I received a call from another Countryfile researcher asking when we were back form holiday as they would like to feature the peacocks in the Victorian Special they were now planning. The BBC researcher seemed just as excited as I was when I confirmed that we would be available for the scheduled filming date. They would get back to me!!!

As a result week later I received a call from the same researcher asking to set up a visit with the Countryfile Director Jo. A visit to the farm was arranged,

One week later Jo visited the farm and we showed her around, she seemed pleased with the location and arrangements. Consequently a filming date was set. I was excited as John Craven was going to be the presenter. As a child I loved John Craven’s Newsround a weekly news round up programme designed for children. I watched it every week!

We were all set, I knew which parts of the farm they would be filming and what the timings would be. I am really looking forward to being able to showcase our beautiful peacocks through the BBC Countryfile programme on national television.