2017 peafowl breeding seasonWe have had a false start to the 2017 Peafowl Breeding Season. The early burst of activity with the peafowl eggs has come to a stop. To date we have had four eggs laid, all from our white pen.  But since then no further activity from any of the other peafowl pens.  In fact we have not had any peafowl eggs laid for a few days now so now I can see it clearly was a false start!

Each morning we have been checking the peafowl pens looking for eggs, but nothing else so far!

Looking forward to the 2017 Peafowl Breeding Season

Over the weekend we moved the last few peacocks and peahens into their breeding groups for 2017.  This time of the year is always exciting, the promise of the new peafowl breeding season is ahead of us.

Last year we had our most successful peafowl breeding season at Peacocks UK. This year we have more peafowl pens, more breeding birds and so I am hopeful we will breed more peachicks.

The main objectives of the season are to establish a commercial breeding programme for the Purple Peafowl and the Burford Bronze Peafowl.  So far all the peahens have been moved around. This means that no Burford Bronze Peacock will be breeding with the same peahens from the 2016 Peafowl breeding season.

This year we have a new purple pen and with six purple hens I am  hopeful we will get a good number of purple peachicks.

We have also moved some other breeds of peahens into the Silver Pied Peafowl pen. It will be interesting to see what the genetic result is and what the peachicks look like.  Breeding the pied gene into some of the other rare breeds we have at Peacocks UK. So watch this space for further news on our expansion programme.

It certainly is an exciting time of the year and I cannot wait to put the first peafowl eggs into the incubators.