It is nearly time for the next peacock breeding season, an exciting time of the year at Peacocks . As the weather gets warmer the peacocks tails are starting to show in their full glory. The boys are getting ready for the peafowl breeding season.  At this time of the year we start to move the peafowl around into their breeding groups.  Each year we make sure that the peacock breeding groups are different to previous years to prevent inbreeding.

This keeps the stock strong and prevents inbreeding which can cause hatch defects in peachicks.

Feeding the peafowl the best food for breeding peacocks

peacocks breeding seasonNext week the peafowl are moving onto Game Breeder feed to prepare them for the breeding season.  This feed is high in nutrients and protein to get the peafowl into the best possible health prior to the peacock breeding season.

Worming peafowl before the peacock breeding season

Next week we worm the peafowl again in anticipation of a March start to the peacock breeding season.  We worm our peacocks twice a year using Imovec cattle wormer which is available from vets on prescription which we put into the water.

The day before worming we remove all water from the peacocks. This means that when the water containing wormer is put into the pens the peacocks are thirsty and drink it.  We treat the peafowl for three days twice a year to prevent worms and to keep the peafowl healthy.

Once the peafowl are wormed and moved into their breeding groups we sit back and wait for the first calls of the season. Watching as the peacocks begin to put on a show for the peahens. It is the calm before the busy breeding season for peacocks. We wait with eager anticipation wondering what the peafowl breeding season this year will bring.