Buy a peacockWe have had a busy week at the Peafowl Farm.

With baby peachicks hatching, peafowl eggs being sent all over the world and people collecting their peacocks and peahens with eager anticipation.

We have also delivered peafowl for sale down to Cornwall, to Scotland and East Anglian this week.

Now that the peachicks are hatching we have put together our Peafowl chicks for sale price list, this is on our website.

The first peachicks are going to be moving to their new homes this weekend. It is exciting for their new owners and also for us to see something that we have hatched and helped to be created bringing joy to people.

Buy a peacock UK

buy a peacockIt is a big decision deciding to buy a peacock. The most important thing is to ensure that you have a good environment for it to move into.

You will need a pen, even if you are planning on your peacock free ranging, you will still need a pen. The pen should be big enough for the bird to be able to live in it for at least six weeks.

It needs to have a perch, for the bird to sleep on. Peafowl hate to sleep on the floor!

The perch ideally will also have some shelter from the rain. Peafowl hate the rain, they will even run to get to shelter away from the rain.

The peafowl need to be able to look about and get their bearings. This is really important for when you first let them out of the pen.

When you buy a peacock, you need to be patient and not rush to let it out. You should keep it in a pen for at least six weeks. If you have bought two peafowl, only let one out at a time. If you have a pair, let the peahen out first, she should hang around the pen. It will be great if you can get her back into the pen, then brilliant.

If you are looking for peacocks for sale UK, then we can help you. If you want to buy a peacock we are happy to give you advice. Just give us a call Sussanne, Peacocks UK, 07711 119888