A Peacock gift for christmas
A Peacock gift for Christmas

Five steps to delivering the perfect peacock gift for Christmas

If you are looking for an unusual gift for your loved ones then it really does not get more unusual than buying a gift of a peacock for a Christmas present! Peacocks and peahens bring great joy to the recipient. However just as if you were buying a dog for Christmas, a peacock gift for Christmas  requires planning beforehand.

Step one             Does the person want a peacock or peahen for Christmas?

Please ensure you are totally sure that the recipient will be totally delighted with the gift. While peacocks are relatively easy to keep it will include some work, so think about it first.

Step two             How many peacocks do they want?

We don’t sell individual peacocks or peahens, they are very social birds and unless the recipient of the gift already has peafowl, you need to buy at least two.

Step 3                  What kind of peafowl should I buy for Christmas?

Part of the answer to this depends on budgets as some peafowl are more expensive. But also it depends on if your loved one wants to breed from the peafowl. If they do then a pair a male and female or trio of peafowl, one male and two hens would be perfect. If not consider two males, twice the beauty and less cost! Prices for two males start at £110! Prices for a pair start at £155.

Step four            Where are the peafowl going to live?

Think about where the peafowl are going to live. This needs thought and preparing in advance of the peafowl arriving. The peafowl will need a pen to keep them in for six to eight weeks. There needs to be protection from the winter elements and a perch or two for them to sit and sleep on. If your gift is a surprise it may be hard to get the right accommodation sorted without giving the game away!

Step five             What do peafowl eat?

You will need to arrange to have good quality game food to be available for the peafowl when they arrive. Layers pellets or mixed corn is not good enough for these beautiful birds as they are omnivores and require a higher level of protein.

The Next steps….

Call peacocks UK. Peacocks UK are taking orders for peafowl for Christmas and delivering up to the 21st of December. If you want to give a peacock for Christmas, call now!

We will be open for collection until the 24th December by appointment only.

Call 07711 119888 to order your beautiful peacock Christmas present