Peacock hatching eggs for sale.

At Peacocks UK we currently have peacock hatching eggs for sale and available until August 2022

We are now sending out peacock eggs five days a week, so you receive the eggs as fresh as possible to maximise hatch rates. The season for peacock eggs will end in August.

Peacock Eggs for Sale

Indian Blue Eggs £16.00 each

Black Shouldered Eggs £16.00 each

Spalding Peacock Eggs £21.00 each

Indian Blue White Eyed Peacock Eggs £21.00 each

Indian Blue Pied Peacock Eggs £21.00 each

White peacock eggs £26.00 each 

Opal, Opal Black Shouldered peacock Eggs £40.00 each

Purple/ Purple Black Shouldered Eggs £40.00 each

Burford Bronze Peacock Eggs £40.00 each

Emerald Spalding Eggs £40.00 each

We do not sell Java eggs because of the poor hatch rate. 

We cannot guarantee fertility of eggs or hatching of fertilised eggs. We do not send replacements or offer refunds.

Posted eggs will be sent by Guaranteed next day delivery which will cost £12.50 for two eggs or £15.50 for four eggs. Posting six eggs will be £18.50. You are however welcome to collect by appointment.

Guaranteed delivery for Saturday will cost £15.50 for two eggs and £18.50 for four eggs.

If you want us to send eggs overseas due to the issues with time for delivery. You will need to arrange and pay for the courier and we will package the eggs ready for collection.