Peacock Hatching Eggs For Sale
Peacock Hatching Eggs For Sale

It is only during the summer that we sell peacock hatching eggs. This is the only time of the year that we have peacock hatching eggs for sale. At this time of the year the peahens start to lay eggs with abandon. Picking up the peacock hatching eggs each day can take up to an hour in the morning. Some of the peahens will lay their eggs on the laying platforms which are built specially forrpose and are situated inside each pen. Other peahens will lay their eggs on the ground. They will dig out a shallow nest and lay their eggs in that. Some peahens will sit on the perches and lay while they sit there. These eggs do not always survive the fall! Even though we have piles of fresh soft bedding beneath each perch precisely for this reason.

Rare Peafowl Hatching Eggs

This year we are selling some of the rare peafowl breeds that we introduced into the UK in 2011. These hatching eggs include Opal Peacock Hatching eggs, Purple Peacock Hatching eggs. We are also selling Indian Blue peacock hatching eggs, Black Shouldered peacock hatching eggs, Spalding peacock hatching eggs and White peacock hatching eggs.

While we cannot guarantee fertility, sadly no one can! At Peacocks UK we do everything we can to maximise fertility. This includes changing the peacocks diet in February to a protein rich game pellet blend. All the peacocks are wormed in February so they are in optimal health at this time of the year.

Clearly, we cannot sadly guarantee that all the eggs are fertilised. However we always ensure that we have a batch fertility checked in the incubator before we start selling any each season.

All eggs are well packaged and posted the fastest delivery way possible using Royal Mail. So in the UK we send Guaranteed next day delivery. In Europe and the rest of the world we use Royal Mail tracked services. The peafowl breeding season is short. It will all be over by the end of July. So if you fancy hatching some peacock eggs this year, now is the time! At Peacocks UK we have peacock hatching eggs for sale.

Call 07711119888 to find out which hatching eggs are available. Eggs available April to July Only.