It is important to know how to correct peachicks splayed legs. Some peachicks hatch with splayed legs. This is where the legs are set too wide at the hips.  This means that the peachicks cannot stand up. Correct splayed legs as soon as possible after hatching.  The splayed leg condition will not correct itself if left untreated. Consequently the peachick will not be able to walk.

Correct peachicks splayed legs

Find or make a small box about the size of a peachicks body width. The length of the box should be a little longer than a peachick.  The box should be tall enough that the peachick cannot climb out.

If you have a cabinet incubator place the box in the bottom of an incubator. Or keep the chick warm in a brooder. Always keep the peachick warm.

Put some chick mat or non-slip covering on the floor of the box such as material or kitchen roll (not newspaper). The peachicks feet will slide on the newsaper making the splayed leg condition worse. Put the chick in the box ensuring it is length ways in the box. Ensure the box is not big enough for the peachick to turn around.  Leave the peachick in the box for up to 48 hours, checking periodically that the chick is OK.

The chick does not need food or water during the first 24-48 hours of its life.  I put a few chick crumbs into the box if the chick is in the box for more than 24 hours.The legs should naturally set into the correct position as they cannot splay while the chick is in the box.  The sides of the box supply support to the peachick while it is learning to stand.

Check the peachick regularly.  When the peachick can stand unaided removed it from the box. The chick will grow and develop normally once the splayed legs are corrected, .

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