Sometimes peachicks are born with loose tendons in their legs meaning that they are unable to stand on one or both legs.  They may stand on one leg which is normally formed and hold the other leg aloft. Peachicks legs with loose tendons can be corrected if the peachick is treated immediately. Here is a video link to see how to correct the legs. Here

Identifying a loose or slipped tendon

If a peachick cnnot walk and is shffling around on it’s elbows it is easy to see if the tendon on one or both of the legs has slipped. The leg with the slipped tendon will be more triangular shaped at the joint.

Correcting loose tendons in poultry
The flat shape of a leg joint with a slipped tendon.

Correcting peachicks legs with loose tendons

The peachick should be removed from any other chicks as it will be trampled and could be further damaged. Gently feel the damaged leg, you should be able to feel the out of place tendon at the peachicks elbow.  Straighten the peachicks leg and gently roll the tendon back into place into the natural indent on the peachicks leg bone.

Get some tape like Sellotape and some kitchen towel.

Cut a piece of tape about 1.5 inches or three centimetres long.  Cut a piece of kitchen towel slightly deeper than the tape and about one inch or two centimetres long.

You may need someone else to hold the peachick while you correct the peachicks loose tendon.

To re position the tendon straighten the leg and roll the tendon inwards towards the outside of the leg. You should be able to feel it move into place. Hold it there in place.

Once you have rolled the tendon back into place, wrap the kitchen towel piece around the leg, tightly. This should not be so tight so it cuts off the blood circulation to the leg.

Wrap the tape around the kitchen towel to hold it into place.

The chick will not be able to walk, or may be able to walk in a weird way.  This support needs to be kept on the leg for few days.

I usually teach the chick how to stand and how to manoeuvre around.  Once the chick grows the tendon will tighten and stay in place.  It is important for this chick to be kept away from the other chicks so that it does not get trampled on.  It is important for the peachick to be kept warm in an incubator or brooder during this period.

I usually put the chick into a box to protect it and so it can rest. See how to stick chicks into boxes so they can recover and rest. Here

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