I am often asked about peacocks sleeping habits. Where do peacocks sleep and when do they sleep. Peacocks will sleep from dusk to dawn each day similar to other game birds. In the wild peafowl will fly up to trees or find other shelter up high to sleep. When peacocks are In the wild, peacocks sleeping habits are very similar to peacocks sleeping habits in captivity.

In captivity you need to ensure that there is a perch or other high place for the peacocks to perch on at night.  Cover the perch with a roof to protect the peacocks from wind and rain.  In the winter there should be adequate protection provided to protect the peacock from the frost and cold. This is  particularly important with Java peacocks which are more susceptible to the frost.

In colder climates heated perches are available for peafowl to sit on. Consequently the heated perches protect the peafowl’ toes from frostbite.


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