We have lots of peacocks for sale! It is that time of the year when we really start to sell lots of peacocks and peahens. Which is great as we need to empty the peachicks pens ready for the next hatch of peacocks.  Last week we dispatched peacocks to North Yorkshire and Wales. We also we had a lovely couple from Gloucestershire come and collect an Indian Blue Peahen.

We list all the peacocks for sale on the Peafowl for Sale page on the website. I try to keep the Peafowl for Sale page up to date! However sometimes we do have a manic week with many peacocks being sold.

I love showing the people that come to buy peacocks around the peacock farm. It is always lovely showing them what we are doing at Peacocks UK and how we are establishing an ethical breeding programme to introduce the rare breeds of peafowl into the UK.  Most of the people that come to visit us have never seen so many breeds of peacocks.

Plenty of Peacocks for Salepeacocks for sale

With so many peacocks for sale we have reduced the price of the Indian Blue Peacocks to help us to make some room for this season’s peachicks.  I have also reduced the price of the Black Shouldered Peacocks again to make room for the new hatch.

Our peacocks for sale come with a guarantee that the peacocks you buy will be unrelated as each egg is marked at lay and every peachick is tagged at hatch.

So if you are looking for peacocks for sale, Peacocks UK can certainly help!

We always have Indian Blue Peacocks, Black Shouldered Peacocks and White Peacocks for Sale.

we can deliver the peacocks in mainland UK, up as far as Inverness in Scotland. Or you are welcome to come and visit us by appointment and we will happily show you around.

Click here to see the full list of peacocks for sale at peacocks UK.