Peacocks are majestic creatures that are known for their beautiful, colorful feathers and striking appearance. They make a stunning addition to any event, from an engagement party or wedding to a corporate event or fundraiser. Here are some of the many benefits of having peacocks at your special occasion.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

The most obvious benefit of having peacocks at your wedding or event is their stunning beauty. Peacocks are known for their vibrant feathers, which come in a range of colors including blue, green, gold, and brown. These feathers create a stunning visual display that is sure to capture the attention of your guests and create a memorable backdrop for your event.

  1. Unique Photo Opportunities

Having peacocks at your wedding or event also provides unique photo opportunities for you and your guests. Imagine posing for pictures with a majestic peacock or having one of these birds strut its stuff in the background of your photos. These photos are sure to be one-of-a-kind and will serve as a lasting memory of your special day.

  1. Interactive Entertainment

Peacocks are not just beautiful to look at; they can also provide interactive entertainment for your guests. These birds are known for their playful and curious nature, and they love to show off their feathers and interact with people.

  1. Educational Experience

Peacocks are also a great way to provide an educational experience for your guests. These birds are unique and fascinating creatures, and many people may not have had the opportunity to learn about them before. By having peacocks at your event, you can educate your guests about these birds, their habits, and their role in the ecosystem. Our knowledable peacock handlers will be on hand to chat to your guests.

  1. Symbolic Significance

Finally, peacocks can also have symbolic significance for your event. In many cultures, peacocks are a symbol of beauty, grace, and good luck. Having these birds at your event can add an extra layer of meaning and significance to your special occasion.

At PeacocksUK we provide peacock handlers, plus a selection of peacocks of your choice. Choose from traditional Indian Blue peacocks, White peacocks, or Black Shouldered peacocks. Or choose from our rare breeds offering a choice of peacocks often not seen before by many of your guests. Including Purple peacocks, Cameo peacocks, Burford Bronze peacocks, Opal peacocks or the super rare Silver Pied.

Prices start from £1600.00 for three peacocks including a peacock handler, plus travel expenses.

Peacocks can be a beautiful and unique addition to any event. Whether you’re planning an engagement party, wedding, or corporate event, these birds are sure to provide a memorable and entertaining experience for you and your guests. So why not consider adding some peacocks to your guest list and see the magic they can bring to your event!

Call Sussanne on 07711119888 to disuss adding a unique feature to your special event.

White peafowl
Stunningly beautiful white peacock to attend your wedding