This weekend Peacocks UK were featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love your Weekend. Alan Titchmarsh chatted with UK Peacock Expert, Sussanne Chambers about the different breeds of peacocks and the joys of keeping peacocks.

Filming took place at Manor Farm in Hampshire. Nestled down a country lane the farm really is in an idyllic spot. On set at the same time as the peacocks were Les Dennis, a wine expert, Samuel West, Actor. Sadly we did not get to meet them and talk to them or to sample the wine.

Peacocks UK were delighted to be contacted by Love Your Weekend and asked if we could take some peacocks to the farm. Our main concern was the safety of the peacocks. However, the Love your Weekend team quickly reassured me that they would provide a safe environment for us to take some of our beautiful rare breed peacocks to the Love YOur Weekend set situated at Manor Farm.

We also wanted to take traditional Indian Blue Peacocks Peter and Paul who are trained peacock actors. Peter and Paul have appeared in a number of major film productions. We were also keen to take our pet Indian Blue Pied peacocks Scurry and Spot. Who lived in my kitchen for the first six months of their lives, so they are very tame.

Rare Peacock Breeds on TV for the first time

Alan Titchmarsh was the ultimate professional and literally did the item about peacocks in one take! He seemed genuinely interested in the peacocks and asked lots of questions about their background and keeping peacocks. Peacocks UK took some rare breeds to the farm including a Burford Bronze Peacock, an Opal Peacock, a Cameo Peacock plus the beautiful Silver Pied Peacock. We also took a beautiful white peahen. Some of these breeds have never been featured on UK television before. All these breeds are available for sale at Peacocks UK in Worcestershire.

Love Your Weekend rounded off a hectic two weeks of filming for Sussanne and her husband Nigel. During the two weeks previously they were filming on a major period drama and a medieval drama. On both occasions our trained peacock actors Peter and Paul behaved perfectly, even with a large cast and crew around them.