The most popular peacock within the UK is the Indian Blue Peafowl

Indian Blue Peafowl are commonly found in the wild in the Indian Sub-Continent, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.  The Indian Blue Peafowl  has adapted to live in cultivated regions, usually around water.  Rumours state that Alexander the Great introduced  Indian Blue Peafowl into Europe.

The Indian Blue Peacock has iridescent blue necks and long tails which grow from February to August, when they moult each year.  The male has iridescent green tail with the classic blue eyes within the tail. The Indian Blue Peahen is brown in colour with metallic green around the neck.  The Indian Blue Peahen has darker plain brown coloured feathers on her body, mottled with white underneath.

In captivity peafowl can live up to 23 years old, in the wild they will only live to around fifteen years old.

Breeding Indian Blue PeafowlIndian Blue Peafowl

Peacocks are polygamous and the peafowl breeding season in the UK is between the months of March and August. The dates of the Peafowl breeding season are dependent on weather patterns. Indian Blue Peafowl reach sexual maturity at 2-3 years old.  The peahens lay eggs in small dug out indents on the ground where they are  susceptible to predators such as foxes.

The peahens will sit on up to 6 eggs, however the hatch rate is poor. This is because the peahen will break eggs or get off the nest and leave eggs to get cold.  Results show better hatch rates are achieved with artificial incubation due to consistency of conditions.  When eggs are removed from the peahen after laying, the peahens will lay up to 20 eggs a season.

The peachicks hatch after 28 days and are brown in colour.  The Indian Blue peachick is hard to sex until they  show barring patterns on their wings and colour in the male peacocks neck. To see a video of the Indian Blue peachick click here

Indian Blue Peafowl breed true, however they are often crossed with other varieties as they are a strong hardy bird. We also have Indian Blue Pied Peacocks for sale, which are a beautiful variety of the Indian Blue Peafowl breed.

At Peacocks UK we have used Indian Blue peahens to establish our breeding programme for Burford Bronze Peafowl, Purple Peafowl and Cameo Peafowl to create separate bloodlines.

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