This week we have had over fifty hatching peafowl eggs laid by the peahens.  The peahens have really started laying with abundance. We have started to actively sell the hatching peafowl eggs. This week over twenty peafowl eggs have been carefully packaged and posted off to their excited new owners.  Every day now we are getting up in the morning with excitement and anticipation. How many eggs will have been laid last night?

We walk around all the peafowl pens and look for the freshly laid eggs.Hatching peafowl eggs

Some of the peahens lay on the ground in shallow dug out nests lined with sticks and some feathers. Other peahens lay on the laying shelves created for the hens to keep the eggs off the ground. We cover these with straw or soft gardening soil.

We also have some artificial nests, some of the peahens like to lay in these.

Lots of hatching peafowl eggs

At Peacocks UK we have 24 peacock pens, so it takes quite a while to go round each one checking for hatching peafowl eggs. We mark the eggs with which peafowl varieties they are. We also write on the egg which pen the eggs are from. This is really important as we can then run an ethical breeding programme. This reduces inbreeding by ensuring that related peafowl are not placed within the same breeding pens.

The eggs are kept in a cool room and turned every day 180 degrees  until they are placed within the incubator.

The peafowl hatching eggs are kept for seven days maximum before they are put into the incubator.  We always place the hatching peafowl eggs into the incubator on the same day each week. This means that we have a week between each hatch. It also means that the chicks hatch at the weekend when we are around and have a little more time to keep an eye on them.

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