So this is the week when the peahens start to lay with abandon, we now have lots of peacock eggs for sale. The first week we had five eggs to go into the incubator, the second week we had six eggs into the incubator. Last week the girls stepped up a pace and we had twenty eggs. Now we are in full production mode! With over forty eggs laid during the week.

We are now ready with peacock eggs for sale.

This year we are selling Indian Blue peacock eggs, Black Shouldered Peafowl eggs, White Peafowl eggs, java Peafowl eggs and Rare Opal Peafowl eggs.

This is the first year we have sold the Rare Opal Peacock eggs, but we have so many breeding pairs now and the commercial breeding programme was so successful last year. I feel this year we can star to sell the eggs for the first time.

The only problem with buying eggs is that neither Peacocks UK or any other peafowl breeder can guarantee fertility, so there is an element of risk involved.

We always check fertility for a few weeks before we start selling eggs, and so far this year it is looking good, with fertile eggs from all the breeds we are selling.

Eggs can be collected or sent to you through the post by guaranteed next day delivery

This is the price list for peafowl eggs:

Indian Blue Peacock Eggs for Sale two £34.00 plus postage £15.50

Black Shouldered Peacock eggs for sale two £34.00 plus postage £15.50

White peacock eggs for sale, two £54.00, plus postage £15.50

Spalding peacock eggs for sale, two £44.00, plus postage £15.50

Opal Peacock eggs for sale, two £82.00, plus postage £1.550

Purple Peacock Eggs for sale, two for £82.00, plus postage £15.50

Burford Bronze Peacock eggs for sale two for £82.00, plus postage £15.50

Cameo Peacock eggs for sale, two for £82.00 plus postage £15.50

Sadly we will not offer a refund or replacement for unfertilised or un-hatched eggs.

To buy peacocks eggs call Sussanne on 07711119888

or email