Opal/ Opal Black Shouldered peacock Eggs £35.00 each                                     


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The Opal peacock is a lovely dove grey colour with an iridescent grey neck,
which in sunlight flashes with navy, emerald, pink, purple and orange. The
train is grey with flashes of green, yellow and navy blue. The Opal peahen is
very pretty dove grey.

The Opal Black Shouldered peacock is grey with plain grey shoulders. The
neck and tail are the same as the Opal peacock. The Opal Black Shouldered peahen
is cream in colour with specked light grey on their backs.

Opal eggs purchased will be either Opal or Opal Black Shouldered.

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Opal, Opal Black Shouldered peacock Eggs

£35.00 for 1 egg, £70.00 for 2 eggs, £105.00 for 3 eggs, £140.00 for 4 eggs, £175.00 for 5 eggs, £210.00 for 6 eggs, £245.00 for 7 eggs, £280.00 for 8 eggs, £315.00 for 9 eggs, £350.00 for 10 eggs, £385.00 for 11 eggs, £420.00 for 12 eggs