Peachick Food Game Chick Crumb 900 gm bag


Peacock food for peachicks aged from rwo to three weeks old, feeding peachicks chicken chick crumb will result in a higher rate of mortality. Give your peachicks the start in life with the best feed with Game Chick Crumb.



Peachicks need a high protein feed to enable them to grow. Game Chick crumb is the perfect peacock food for peachicks to move onto following initially feeding the peachicks Superfine Game Chick Crumb when they first hatch. They should move onto Game Chick Crumb when they are aged 2 to 3 weeks old. Game Chick crumb has a protein level of 28%

Bag 900 gm £12.00 to include postage to UK addresses. No International shipping available, Sorry!