Purple Black Shouldered Peacocks

The Purple Black Shouldered Peacocks are a sex-linked mutation of the Purple peacock. The Purple Black Shouldered peacock is similar in appearance to the Purple male. However they do not have barring on their wings. As a juvenile the male also a brown and cream colour rather than the traditional black of the Black Shouldered male. The necks are a stunning iridescent purple as the Purple peacock.

Purple Black Shouldered Peacock
A one year old Black Shouldered Peacock.

The Purple Black Shouldered peahen is a mottled creamy buff colour with some purple at the back of her neck. The tail feathers are a lighter colour than the traditional Black Shouldered peahen.

Purple Black Shouldered peachicks are hatched yellow and gradually turn buff coloured if they are male or creamy coloured if they are female.

When we imported the rare breeds of peafowl including the purple peacocks into the UK we did not have any of the Purple Black Shouldered breed. So sadly we have had to start from scratch!

Breeding Purple Black Shouldered Peafowl

We started by introducing the Black Shouldered peahens into the purple pens. That year we had our first Purple split with Black Shouldered peachicks. They were girls. As the Purple colour mutation is a sex linked mutation, the peachicks we needed to carry the purple gene were all going to be female. Consequently two years later these peachicks were mated with Purple male peacocks and we hatched our first fully fledged Purple Black Shouldered Peahens. These Purple Black Shouldered Peahens were then placed in the Purple pens and as a result we had our first male Purple Black Shouldered peacock.

However it will be another year before he is ready for breeding. We plan to create a genetically strong pool of Purple Black Shouldered peafowl which will be commercially available to the peafowl collector that is fascinated by the rare breeds. It is great to introduce the Purple Black Shouldered Peacock within the UK.