Burford Bronze Peafowl is a colour mutation. The origins of the Burford Bronze Peafowl date from the 1980’s when they were developed by Burford Abbott of Marysville, Tennesee, USA.  The Burford Bronze peacock was further developed by Roughwood Aviaries in 1992.

Burford Bronze Peafowl are very rare within the UK.  At Peacocks UK we were the first peafowl breeders to import the Burford Bronze Peafowl variety into the UK in 2011. We have yet to establish a robust commercial breeding programme. In 2016 we hatched three Burford Bronze peacocks. These will be part of the breeding programme in the future.

The Burford male has a stunning dark olive green iridescent neck and a dark iridescent bronze train.  The Ocelli within the train are varying shades of dark brown iridescence.  The train shows shades of copper or bronze in the sunlight.

Burford Bronze Peahens are darker in colour than the Cameo or Purple Peahens.  They do not have the iridescence of the Purple Peahen.  Their wings are a slightly darker brown. To see a video of the Burford Bronze peacock click here

Breeding Burford Bronze Peafowl

The Burford Bronze Peachick is hatched darker in colour than the Indian Blue Peachick.  They are difficult to sex until the barring on the wings shows alongside the darker colour of the males neck.  Burford Bronze Peacocks bred to Burford Bronze Peahens will breed true.

Burford Bronze peacocks bred to Indian Blue peahens will produce Burford Bronze split to Indian Blue.

The Burford Bronze colour mutation is also avaialbe as Burford Bronze Spaldings, Burford Bronze Black Shouldered Peafowl and Burford Bronze Pied Peafowl

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