The Cameo Peafowl is a colour mutation which originated in USA in the 1960’s. Like the Purple Peafowl, the Cameo colour is a sex linked mutation. This means that there are many more Cameo Peahens than Cameo Peacocks both in the USA and the UK.

Peacocks UK introduced Cameo Peafowl into the UK in 2011.

The Male Cameo Peacock is creamy brown in colour with a darker chocolate brown neck feathers. They have a slightly darker brown pattern within the ocelli. During the season the Cameo Peafowl’s feathers begin to lighten significantly loosing their colour. By the end of the mating season the Cameo’s feathers are significantly lighter.

The Cameo Peahen is much lighter brown in colour than the Cameo Peacock and the Burford Bronze Peahen. They also have a darker rusty metallic colouration around their neck.

Breeding Cameo Peachicks

When Cameo Peachicks hatch they are a much lighter colour than the Indian Blue Peachick. At hatching the are difficult to differentiate from the Purple peachick. If you are hatching both varieties of peachicks at the same time, it is important for this reason to mark the eggs and keep them separated for correct identification.

Cameo Peacock to Cameo Peahen will breed true.

Cameo Peahen to Indian Blue Peacock will produce Indian Blue Peachicks split to Cameo. This is because the Cameo colour is a sex linked mutation. However some of the peachicks which will carry the Cameo gene.

Mating a Cameo Peacock to an Indian Blue Peahen will produce Indian Blue peacocks split to Cameo and Cameo Peahens.  This the reason for there being more Cameo Peahens than Cameo Peacocks both in USA and the UK. Cameo Peafowl are being bred commercially in the UK.

Cameo Peacocks are available in different patterns in USA such as Cameo Spalding, Cameo Pied, Cameo White eyed and Cameo Black Shouldered.

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