It has been an interesting season with hatchings from April and we will keep hatching peachicks this year until the end of September. The Peacock hatching season is just once a year. So we always try to make the most of it and do everything we can to improve hatchability.

Beautiful newly hatched peachicks

Most of the peahens have slowed down on laying eggs and some of the peacocks have already shed their tail. Peacocks aged three years plus will loose their tail at the end of each breeding season. For a couple of weeks they look quite straggly with some feathers left in while the majorituy have fallen out. They then start to re grow the tail in the late autumn early winter.

We have some beautiful peachicks growing up nicely in the nursery. It is always lovely to watch how they develop!

This year we have done particularly well during the peacock hatching season. Particulary with some of the rare breed peacocks such as Purple, Silver Pied and Burford Bronze. It is so lovely to watch them grow and develop into stunning beautiful peacocks.

This year we have had our most successful breeding programme to date with hundreds of peachicks already hatched.

We keep the peachicks on heat for an extended period to give them the best start in life, before moving them to larger pens. These larger pens are still heated, but to a lower level.

All the peachicks are tagged when they are hatched so we can tell the parentage of them to the numbered pen. This means that we can be sure we are not inbreeding the peacocks. This is so important to me.

Often people will buy a pair of peacocks from a pet home. Not realising that they have just bought a brother and sister. Tagging the peachicks prevents this from happening at Peacocks UK.