Some of our peachicks are now six and seven months old so we need to move the peachicks! The early hatched peachicks want a little more space to fly around in.  They are now almost fully grown. Moving the peachicks into one of the field pens always requires a lot of preparation to get the pens ready for the new arrivals.

First we power wash down the inside of the pen, removing every trace of dirt from last years’ peachicks.  Every area of the pen is cleaned including all the perches and roosting shelves.

It is very important to clean the peacock’s pens

move the peachicksNext we disinfect the pen with general purpose farm disinfectant to kill any bugs left over from the summer.  We lay fresh sawdust and straw laid on the ground for the peachicks to play in.  Now the peacock pens are ready for the new inhabitants to move into.

Always move peacocks during the night, it is less stressful for the peafowl and also less stressful for us!  We have perfected a method of catching the peacocks which is relatively quick and easy!

We identify the peachicks to move into the outdoor pens by size.  Once we have caught them we can check their wing tag to see how old the peachick is.  We also check their feathers to ensure they have a good covering of under feathers to protect them during colder days.

Finally we check for mites and feel the meat on their breasts.  This is to ensure that the peachick is a good weight for their size and that they are healthy birds.

Time to move the peachicks to their new home

Then it is off to the peachicks new home, a larger space, better flying facilities and more perches to sit on.  The peachicks stay in these groups until they are sold. When the peachicks are two year olds we move them into their breeding groups.

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