Have you thought about having two peacocks instead of a pair?

Every year we always end up with a surplus of peacocks as many people want to have one peacock with two peahens creating a trio.  As peafowl tend to breed in equal number of peahens and peacocks each year we have many more peacocks than peahens.

This is why peahens are always more expensive to buy than peacocks!

Each year we end up with a pen of stunningly beautiful peacocks and not a peahen in sight!

Currently we have twenty peacocks in our “boys pen” they are all breeds, Indian Blue, Black Shouldered, Indian Blue White Eyed, Spaldings. This year we even some rare breed Opal peacocks.

What I find amazing is that these peacocks most of them in full tail do not fight!  They seem to know that they need to get along with each other!

Of course there is a pecking order, that goes without saying. However there is never any aggression beyond a gentle or not so gentle peck to remind a younger peacock where his place is.

You could have two peacocks instead of a pair

two peacocksWhat we have found this year is that some people want two male peacocks for their gardens.  This way they get all the beauty of the peacock timed by two.

We would usually recommend a younger male and a more mature male so the pecking order is already established.

It is a myth that the peacocks will go in search of a peahen.  Peacocks are territorial and lazy. If peafowl like where they are living and there is a plentiful supply of food they will stay. Peafowl will not fly off on a hot summers day looking for a mate.

Instead they will spend their time showing off to each other to prove who is the most beautiful peacock around!

If you are not planning on breeding peafowl, seriously consider having two peacocks instead of a peacock and peahen. Two peacocks walking around will look prettier and it will cost you less to buy them!

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