We have often been asked to open the peacock farm to the public. In the past we have always said no, we both have other jobs, we do not have tourist facilities and we are a working farm. It was just not practical. However, starting in 2024 we are offering private visits to the peacock farm for groups of up to 10 people.

Now you can visit a peacock farm, learn about these beautiful birds. Visit the most famous peacock farm in the UK for exclusive pre-booked private tours.

So much to see

Discover over 250 peacocks including many rare breeds created exclusively at our farm. Learn how some of the breeds were first created in the UK by creative breeding programs. Finish your visit by enjoying a lovely cream tea or ice lolly in the farm’s gazebo looking over the stunning views of the Worcestershire countryside.

Chat in a relaxed environment with UK BBC and RSPB Peacock Expert, Sussanne Chambers and ask questions about these beautiful peacocks.

Meet our Famous Peacocks

You will meet Scurry, the beautiful Indian Blue Pied Peacock. Have the opportunity to stroke him, take photos and learn how he survived despite the odds being stacked against him.

Meet Peter, Paul, Albert and Edward our media peacocks, who have appeared in many TV Programs and films including Bridgerton, House of the Dragon, Heart of Stone and many more.

Hear what goes on behind the scenes at the peacock farm, and in season cuddle a peachick.

Take home some beautiful peacock feathers.

Dates for your tour will be arranged after purchase. If you need a tour for a special date please email to check availability.

Tours take an hour and a half and are available for up parties of up to ten people. Visit a peacock farm for a truly unique experience. Book your tour here we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the farm.