The Java Green Peafowl is unusual in the peafowl family in that both the male and female of the species look very similar.  Both have the iridescent green necks which resemble scales, both sexes have long upper tail coverts which cover the actual tail underneath. In the male these extend to two meters and the Java Peacock will moult at the end of the season.

The Java is among the most silent of the peafowl breeds. It is a strong bird and consequently is capable of extended flight. It is however the largest of the peafowl breeds with a male bird between 1.8–3 m (5 ft 11 in–9 ft 10 in) in total length but this includes its tail covert. The tail coverts are even longer than those of the male Indian Blue Peafowl.

The Java peafowl also has longer legs than the Indian Blue, longer neck, slender bodies and a tall high crest.

Java Peafowl Habitat

The Java Green Peafowl originated in South East Asia. The Java Green Peafowl is considered to be endangered in the wild. Java Green Peafowl are nomadic and in the UK cannot be allowed to roam free. In the UK pen Java Peafowl and provide with adequate shelter against the cold. They are the most susceptible to the cold of all the peafowl breeds within the UK.  Java peafowl are more flighty than other breeds and are consequently more difficult to keep and breed.  They do not take to strangers and an established person should take care of the java peafowl.

Breeding Java Green Peafowl

The Java Green Peahen will lay four to eight eggs in the wild. However if the Java Peahen is left to naturally incubate the eggs, usually only 1-2 eggs will hatch. On hatching the Java Green peachicks are similar to the Indian Blue Peafowl although often they are a little larger and display a darker colour.  As the Java Peachicks grow there begins to be a noticeable difference between the green and other varieties appear.  With the longer legs and the taller crest becoming evident. The juvenile Java Green Peacocks and peahens are very similar in colour making it difficult to sex young birds.  Java Green Peafowl breed true.  When Java Green Peafowl are bred with other mutations they create a Spalding Peafowl. Such as Spalding Cameo, Spalding Purple, Spalding Silver Pied.

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