Silver Pied Peafowl are the result of a pattern mutation, not a colour mutation.  The Silver Pied Peafowl originated in 1992 in USA. The new peafowl mutation  was discovered by three breeders at about the same time. All birds could consequently be traced back to one white Eyed bloodline.

To watch a short video of the Silver Pied peacock displaying, click here.

The male Silver Pied Peacock is mainly white 80% with 20% colour. The colour can be blue or green which is around the neck area. Silver Pied Peacocks can be Light Silver Pied or Dark Silver Pied. The Silver Pied Peahen is similar to the Silver Pied Peacock except the colour at the neck is grey.  They are very pretty peahens.

Breeding Silver Pied Peafowl

Breeding with pied peafowl, like all pied patterns breeding results in a ratio of 1-2-1. On average 25% White, 50% Silver Pied, 25% Dark Pied, White Eyed peachicks.

Silver Pied peachicks are easily identifiable at hatching by a small smudge of grey colour on their neck or head. Occasionally the silver pied peachick have a small smudge of grey on their back or wings.

Consequently it is easy to identify the silver pied peachick and to distinguish it apart from the white peachick. There are many variances of pattern in the peachick and they are hard to sex while young.

Peacocks UK introduced the first Silver Pied Peacocks into the UK in 2011.  We have established three bloodlines of Silver Pied, creating an ethical breeding programme.  As a result we now have the first Silver Pied Peafowl for sale within the UK.

Silver Pied peafowl for sale in the UK

We have a number of silver pied peafowl available for sale. These beautiful peafowl range from three year old males to one year old birds from the 2016 hatch. They are one of my favourite varieties of peafowl.

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